Hello and welcome to our school’s website! Please enjoy reading about the programs we offer for preschool and Kindergarten age children!

We are proud to announce that Southwest Montessori Academy is the first Montessori school in Indiana to be validated by United Montessori Schools of Indiana for meeting the core essentials of demonstrating an understanding of the Montessori philosophy, credentialed teachers from accredited programs,  classroom materials that offer an uninterrupted work period, and multi-age classrooms.

Mission Statement

To nurture and inspire the love of learning as each child prepares for life.

With children, families and an inclusive community at our core, we live these values:

  • Create an environment of belonging and contribution
  • Encourage confidence, compassion, curiosity, and respect
  • Cultivate socially and environmentally mindful citizens
  • Provide a personalized education driven by Montessori principles