A foundational cornerstone of Montessori education is concentration. We all understand that for children to learn, they need to cultivate the ability to sustain focus on the task at hand.
How do we help children develop and strengthen this quality? Read the rest

Forbes’ article

This article appeared in Forbes magazine articulating how the Montessori method is a great model for management strategies in companies. Montessori education prepares children for life, service and leadership! Read the rest

Parenting the Positive Discipline Way

We are beginning a new 6 week workshop for Parenting the Positive Discipline Way. The class will begin on Monday, September 12 from 6:30-8pm. The last class will be on October 10th. This class is free to parents who have Read the rest

SMA is hosting its first Fundraiser

invitebothSouthwest Montessori Academy is thrilled to announce it is going to host its first fundraiser. This is an exciting time for growth at our school. SMA opened its doors in 2013 with 8 children and is projected to have 40 Read the rest

Bringing Montessori Home

Register now for the free “Bringing Montessori Home” parent workshop on Saturday, April 16th from 9:30-11.
Our teachers will guide you through a hands-on experience so you can prepare your home environment to be more child-friendly and help your child Read the rest

Why Practical Life?


Some of the activities in this area include self-care, care of the environment and use of household utensils. There are numerous benefits to children repetitively practicing in this area.

♦ Concentration – Carrying a tray, carrying a bucket of water, Read the rest

Observation – The Montessori Assessment tool

As Montessori teachers we are often asked about a child’s progress especially when there are few papers and no tests. Our evaluation of a child’s ability and development come from a keen sense of observation.

We observe children while they Read the rest

Positive Discipline Classes

We are offering a 6 week course on Parenting the Positive Discipline Way. As parents we all struggle at times with the behavior of children. Join us a we learn to develop a stronger relationship based on mutual respect, belonging, Read the rest