Announcement of New Mission Statement

This past summer, thanks to a Toolbelt Grant from the Dekko Foundation, the Board of Directors of SMA had the opportunity to hire and work with a well-known Montessori school consultant, Dane Peters.  As a direct result of his training, we have set up a number of measurable objectives that will help strengthen and grow our school.

One of our first tasks we set out to accomplish was a revision of our Mission Statement.  It is with great pride we share our new mission statement with you:

Southwest Montessori Academy’s mission is  “to nurture and inspire the love of learning as each child prepares for life.”

With children, families and an inclusive community at our core, we live these values:

  • Create an environment of belonging and contribution  
  • Encourage confidence, compassion, curiosity, and respect
  • Cultivate socially and environmentally mindful citizens
  •  Provide a personalized education driven by Montessori principles

With our new mission statement, we reaffirm our commitment of providing a personalized learning experience for each student, beautifully prepared multi-age classrooms and outdoor environments, certified teachers in every classroom who will guide each student to reach his or her potential, and opportunities to build a strong family-school partnership to best serve the needs of every student.