When parents walk into a Montessori classroom for the first time, they initially notice the orderly environment. Although there are over 100 works in the classroom, every work has a specific place. Similar works are grouped together, and the children are taught to return materials back on the shelf ready for the next person. This order gives children the consistency and security they need so that they can develop and grow fully. Many of our classroom works are done on rugs. This provides an additional sense of order by helping the child define their workspace. Another way children thrive when they have order is when their schedule is predictable. We have a visual calendar posted in our classroom so that the children can see what is coming next and what has already happened.

Additionally, Maria Montessori observed that children between the ages of three to six have a high sense of order even when they are playing. You might notice your young child at home lining up toy cars, organizing stuffed animals, or sorting Legos by color. These behaviors are natural tendencies we often observe.

We invite you to arrange for a time to see our beautiful and orderly classrooms for yourself.