Why Practical Life?

Some of the activities in this area include self-care, care of the environment and use of household utensils. There are numerous benefits to children repetitively practicing in this area.

♦ Concentration – Carrying a tray, carrying a bucket of water, and using sharp objects all require children to be mindful, which leads to deeper concentration. Children need concentration in order to learn the 3 R’s.
♦ Fine motor skills – The activities of this area increase in complexity and difficulty throughout the year. Squeezing a small glass eye dropper with precision prepares the child’s hand and fingers for holding a pencil properly.
♦ Respect – It is here that children learn that it is their responsibility to make a work ready for the next person to use. This teaches them to value whoever may be next to use the activity.
♦ Independence – Independence is one of the foundational outcomes of being in a Montessori school. Children learn to do many things for themselves. It is vital that children learn that they can do for themselves.
♦ Confidence – Children who do these activities well often feel a strong sense of accomplishment. They are easily able to watch and marvel at their own growth. The confidence gained in this area is available to them as they try and learn other things in and out of the classroom.
♦ Community – When children are independent and feel confident they become contributing members of the classroom community. They are helpful and kind.

We invite you to schedule a time to come in and see for yourself the beauty of this environment!